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Production delays and restock timelines.


As you may have noticed looking around this website, many items are out of stock.

The reason for this is we had an issue with our heat treatment shop in March that resulted in nearly the entire first quarter production being destroyed.. We attempted to correct the issue with the supplier but they denied responsibility and refused to check their process line for defects. So we stopped production until we could locate a new shop able to process our parts without damage. We did locate a new supplier but they use a different process, that involves molten salt instead of hot gas, so we had to do a few test batches to make sure everything is working correctly. 

We did find the new process makes a better magazine, but required an entirely different cleaning process, and the cleaning process generated a waste product that required a new equipment setup to process.

The shop is resuming production, however the summer months in Florida are not great for production as we have difficulty shedding excess heat, and when there is significant lightning most of the computerized machines need to be shutdown as near strikes can damage them.

Current Schedule with current best estimated completion:

Vepr 30-06 (awaiting welding):  August 2021

Savage MKII, Remington 511, Nylon 77: Early September 2021

M-14 30rd: Late September 2021

Saiga .308, Zastava M77: Late September 2021

Vepr 54r: Early October 2021

Vepr 6.5 Grendel, AK 6.5 Grendel: Late October 2021

Updated as of 7-8-2021