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M14 magazines are waiting to go to metal finishing. Our new supplier has small load fees so we are holding them to go with some other .308 magazines. Sorry for the delay, but I assume most people don't want to pay an extra $5 each to have them earlier. Probably late October on these.

Saiga .308 magazines and M77s should be back in production soon. We stated before that tooling had to be rebuilt. That is mostly done and we should be back to producing them in large volumes again.

Saiga .308 100 series, we should be finishing these up shortly.. It's a small batch so if you have one of those rare guns be sure you grab the even rarer magazine because we do NOT intend to make a second batch.

Saiga-12, we should have a new batch by Mid November.

Vepr-54r figuring on Late November to Mid December on these, should be run with 6.5g magazines.

Savage 23A magazines and Remington 541/581 will be getting worked in with one of the above batches.