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Vepr 54r bolt issues

After careful examination of the interaction of the new “dish cut” bolt pattern we have determined that there is no magazine modification that will fully resolve the issue with this bolt type while maintaining reliable feeding. The only way to resolve this issue is to chamfer the bolt. We are including a detailed explanation below; followed by the suggested bolt profile should you wish to choose that option, and finally information on how to arrange for a refund if desired. If you have a chamfer cut bolt, you should not have any issues at all. We are still working on our 15 round version and it is going well, but it will also require a chamfered bolt.


Both bolts are as manufactured, bolt on top is post Nov 2014, bolt on bottom is pre Nov 2014. Note the difference highlighted in red



In late 2014 an alteration was apparently made to all new vepr-54r bolts, the modification added a dished out pocket through the center of the third lug. And also eliminated the chamfer cut on the left side of the third lug (see photos). This chamfered section had been present from the start of imports in 2011 and is critical for magazines over 5 rounds.

We are aware that the factory 5 round magazine does not generally have issues with this different design of bolt, we have determined that the reason it functions with this new bolt profile is that it was designed to be a 5 round magazine only and has feed characteristics that allow it to function without the clearance chamfer that was originally cut into the vepr 54r bolt.



Here is a image showing the factory 5 round compared to our 10 round. Note that contact points are aligned, the factory 5 round uses a different shape which only works up to five rounds.



It is our determination that it is not possible to make a reliable magazine of 10 round or greater capacity that can function without a chamfer on the corner of the third lug. The feed angle that would allow bolt clearance without the chamfer will greatly increase the occurrences of low feed jams. We know that this is not what everyone wants to hear. But these are the facts as they are.




Bolt alteration:

Be aware that incorrect bolt modifications are dangerous. Bolt modifications can also harm resale values and can void warranties. A gunsmith is recommended however the task is not complicated and could be performed in approximately 15 minutes. The amount removed is very small, the goal is to round the corner just enough for the bolt to open smoothly with a loaded magazine inserted. Logically it would be best to avoid any tool that generates high temperatures or removes metal too quickly, a good quality file is suggested. Obviously we cannot warranty your rifle or assess your skill. Consult a gunsmith if you have any question.

It is easy to get mixed up on which side needs to be chamfered, marking the correct side with a marker while it is in the rifle and the bolt is closed is the best way to avoid mixing up the direction.


This image sent to us by a customer shows a bolt modified to include a chamfer.



Note the area of chamfer on the pre 2014 pattern bolt is opposite the side that engages the trunnion. And the chamfer does not remove support, logically this is a reasonably safe alteration.




Here are some additional higher quality photos that show the alteration circled in red.

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5


Refund returns:

We are extending the window of return for refund to until March 14th 2017, this should give enough time to examine your options.

To arrange for return for refund include your order number and if you have the original packing box or envelope that the magazines came with. If you do not have the original box please obtain a medium flat rate box or other flat rate box from your local post office that will contain the magazines. State the box you have and we will provide a shipping label by email that you print and attach to the box to cover shipping. If you do not have a printer please state this and the address you want the shipping label to be mailed to.

Include your name and order number on a note with the returned magazines so that we can find your order and refund it quickly.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Be aware that we have considerable expenses and effort in bringing this product to market, and we have no control over what the firearm manufacturer changes and this caught us by surprise. Customers who have the original bolt profile or modified bolts have reported good function for what it is worth.


We have contacted the current rifle importer and they have stated that they will contact the rifle manufacturer about this issue. I'll update if anything comes from this. Our goal is to confirm that the bolts in future guns are chamfered, and to see if the manufacturer will give a recommendation on chamfering existing bolts.

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